Nadie is the owner, designer and maker at Nadbrad Designs based in the Comox Valley, Vancouver Island CanadaNadie is the owner, designer and maker at Nadbrad Designs based in the Comox Valley, Vancouver Island Canada


Ethical, handmade clothing for Gaia loving conscious seekers.

We clothe ourselves in order to become what we feel. Draping our bodies in colours and textures in a ritual of self love and empowerment. Balancing our inner and outer worlds with design, flow and versatility.

Nadbrad Designs is ethical, slow fashion. Locally designed and handmade with the highest quality sustainable fabrics. We create artisan quality, versatile, long lasting and comfortable designs with the highest standards in materials and company culture. We're not just creating clothing, we are creating a lifestyle and you are worth that.

Nadie infront of her tiny house on vancouver island. We make everything from our tiny studio on this land.

Tiny house - tiny studio

We immerse ourselves in the lifestyle of minimalism and inject potent energy into the most important parts of our living. Living on an Eco-Retreat will do that.

zero waste, handmade clothing brand. we had make all of our designs and use compostable mailers

planetary changes

Zero waste and sustainable practices are taken into account with absolutely every minute decision from product design, materials to packaging and off-cuts.

Nadbrad community is in the comox valley, Vancouver Island canada

building community

Gathering, collaborating and connecting with like-minded souls are part of our core intensions. Come find us at our next festival or stay at the Eden Eco-Retreat

the story behind the design

Living out of a backpack for almost 3 years then eventually moving into a tiny house, taught me the value of multi-functional items. Pairing that value with the love of beauty and creativity became the basis for all of these multiwear designs to be born.

~Nadie, owner and designer

owner of clothing brand traveling in berma, myanmar. Living from a backpack

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